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Musab's machine roaster, is a simply machine that provides fast and efficient productivity

Musab's machine roaster, equipped with a 1/4 HP motor with a speed of 1200rpm, is slowed down using a 50:1 gearbox. This machine roaster has various uses and is currently widely used for the process of drying maggots (larva), which are highly sought-after in our country as a protein source for livestock feed.

Initially, we created this machine roaster to simplify the oil-free frying process for peanuts, resulting in what we call "kacang sambel". "Kacang sambel" is a type of peanut sauce that is widely consumed in our country, and one of the popular dishes that use it is "pecel".

This machine roaster is priced at around 7.5 million rupiahs, which is a good price and quite affordable for producers who are ready to transition from manual labor to semi-automatic machines. Our machine roaster is made of a 1mm thick stainless steel drum and a frame made of angle iron. For its heating, we use gas, and we make the fire outlet ourselves using small holes on an iron pipe, resulting in a blue flame that spreads evenly.

Musab is a workshop that produces various appropriate machinery, which greatly helps in the agricultural and small-to-medium-scale production sectors. We have skilled workers in our workshop who are ready to provide high-quality products at competitive prices.

Our office is located at Jl. Manyar, Perum. Graha Kusuma Blok A No. 2-3 in Jember Regency, East Java, Indonesia. You can contact us at +62331411319 or through WhatsApp at +6282320300078.